Interior Design for a Beach House in West Sussex

The Brief

Nestled in the picturesque village of West Wittering, this exquisite seafront holiday home is a getaway paradise that our clients use for themselves and rent whilst they are not there. Having collaborated with this client 6 years ago on their London home, Tailored Living Interiors was the obvious choice when selecting an interior designer for this new project. Our client sought after a relaxed and cohesive beach vibe with an effortless, laid back luxury feel.


How it went

The time line for the execution of this project was perfect. Having worked with these clients before, they understood the importance of the planning process and contacted Tailored Living Interiors 9 months prior to the date they wanted to start building works on this project. This allowed a great amount of time to ensure the clients’ requirements, preferences and budgetary constrains were reviewed as many times as required prior to works commencing.


Issues / Problems overcome During The Project

Despite the initial concerns about managing the interior design project from a distance, the overall process turned out to be significantly smoother than expected.

Communication play a crucial role in ensuring the project’s success. Despite being physically distant, constant communication channels were established with the team members, including designer, contractors and suppliers. The use of video conferencing and regular phone calls allowed for effective collaboration and timely updates.

The trust and rapport established early on between the interior designer and contractors significantly contributed to the project’s smooth execution. Open lines of communication, mutual understanding, and frequent collaboration fostered a sense of teamwork, despite the physical distance. The constant exchange of ideas, suggestions, and feedback, along with the prompt resolution of any challenges that arose, played a critical role in keeping the project running smoothly.


Client Testimonial

I can not speak highly enough of Gloria and her exceptional interior design skills. Working with her has been an absolute pleasure and the results achieve were truly outstanding. Gloria meticulously considers every aspect of the design process and ensures that no stone is left unturned. As a client I really appreciate her handwork and dedication.

I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of interior design expertise.