Interior Design in Totteridge Village, London

The Brief

Located within the beautiful surroundings of Totteridge Village, this family home had been previously extended and renovated. However, the client was looking to bring the open plan kitchen and family area to a new standard whilst upgrading their master bedroom. At the same time, they wanted to transform a previous children’s play room into a more formal drawing room.

Planning Process

We were able to re-plan the space and propose a new furniture layout that fitted better with our client requirements and the overall flow of the space 

How it went

The client was very receptive and they loved our proposals from a very early stage, they had some really good pieces that we were able to re-use as part of the new interior scheme. 

Client Testimonial

We were thrilled at how Tailored Living was able to work flexibly during our project and accommodate our timelines. The final result is exactly what we set out to do.