Interior Design in Pinner

The brief:

An attractive family home in a wide tree-lined street. Our client, a young family with two children had already done work to their home before contacting Tailored Living. Despite having purchased some beautiful furniture pieces, several rooms in the ground floor just didn’t feel quite right. The job at hand for us was to correct this, and make it more warm and inviting. Essentially, transform it into a place they could use on a daily basis and enjoy.

Planning process:

Our first task was to determine what were the casual factors in not making the existing rooms work. Secondly, we needed to bring the right accessories that would both say something and reflect the style of the family living there. Having identified this, we made some suggestions to the clients. This resulted in some of their existing furniture being replaced with some pieces that ultimately complemented the remaining pieces better. The new furniture had the right size and shape for the space, whilst the finishes helped us complement and enhance some of the existing items in the room. Keeping the contemporary feeling at the same time as enhancing it by adding warmth and a sense of understated luxury.

How it went:

The client was absolutely delighted with the outcome. Four years later they are still happily using and enjoying the rooms as we left them.

Any issues/problems you had to overcome during the project?

The client had bought the furniture shortly before calling us. Since the room didn’t feel right, they were unable to use the space. Therefore the furniture was unused Fortunately however they had bought from a brand that we had an excellent relationship with, and we therefore able to help return the items.