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How Can Homes Be Adapted To Facilitate Our New Way Of Living?

How can homes be adapted to facilitate our new way of living?

Wendy from Petermans Estate Agent in Herne Hill and Dulwich asked Gloria Sanchez, director at Tailored Living Interiors how can home be adapted to facilitate our new way of living. With much of the population now working from home, Petermans Estate Agents in Dulwich and Herne Hill, found some of their buyers having to use their homes for both work and play. Faced with the dilemma of how to make the most of their existing space, Wendy from Petermans approached Gloria Sanchez asking for some tips on how to engineer minor tweaks to transform spaces to accommodate a home office. This is definitely one to tune into!
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The Importance Of Neutrals

The importance of neutrals

Accent colours usually take centre stage when it comes to colour schemes. Whether a rich Navy or sumptuous purple, these pockets of colour certainly steal the show. But, the base of any good colour scheme is the neutrals, these act as the foundations of the scheme.
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