Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

We are observing a trend towards curvy lines. Boxy shapes are giving way to softer warmer looks, not only in interior design but also in architecture. We are seeing an increasing number of suppliers introducing friendly curves on sofas, armchairs, table edges and chairs. There is certainly room to start mixing things up a little.

Organic shapes will not only help create depth in your space, it will also add impact. Combined in the correct fashion, they can help improve flow in a room. Be mindful however, where you employ them. Used in the wrong way they can result in a wastage of space.

This year at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Minotti (a very high end luxury company) introduced a new more intimate look reflecting these more curvaceous sexy forms!

Galloti and Radice?s most recent lines are also sporting this upcoming trend.

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The Sofa & Chair Company introduced a curvy shape sofa in this Hollywood-inspired design.

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