Interior Design Services in Dulwich Village, London

The Brief
This Victorian family home, located in one of the most sought after locations in the heart of Dulwich Village, was in need of renovation and update. The client wanted to keep all the original house features such as original floorboards, fireplaces, ceiling moldings, doors, etc. Another key requirement was to improve the traffic flow within the house, in addition to extending the property at the rear elevation.

Planning Process
For us planning is one of the most important parts of the interior design process. First we start by understanding the existing layout. Our client’s husband had an office in the back room – in a corner of the TV family room. He used his office in the evenings when the family also wanted to watch TV. The dining room was in the middle of the house and it had effectively become a room no longer in use. We built a CAD 3D model of the property and in collaboration with our client we started changing some of the room’s functions. We plotted the extension at the back and studied the traffic flow carefully. Prior to briefing us, our client had already selected a conservatory style extension.

Once we had a working plan in action, we were ready to start choosing furniture and preparing colour schemes. Our client had previous furniture and family heirlooms that they wished to incorporate into the design scheme. Whilst some of the furniture was antique, they still wanted to give a modern and contemporary feel to the space.

How it Went
This has been a great fun project for us to work on. Since the very early stages we really enjoyed the challenge of working with a design style that was a bit different from things we have been working on in the past.

Issues / Problems Overcome During the Project
There had been some challenges along the way. The roof in the new extension was a further challenge that we had not originally anticipated. Luckily, we raised to all challenges and delivered and interior that our client loves. She loves the new traffic flow in the house and the calming colours reflect very much her lovely personality.

Client Testimonial
We commenced the process of looking for an interior designer working in the Dulwich area having realised that this was the best way towards attaining our dream interior. How lucky were we to discover Tailored Living as ended up with not only with an interior that we absolutely love, but also a new friend! Tailored Living went well beyond the call of duty to ensure that the project ran as smoothly as possible. They were extremely responsive and through in dealing with any questions / issues raised during the project. I would not hesitate in the least to recommend them to any one looking for Interior Design Services in London to the extent that we have contracted their services again for additional work