Interior Design for a family home in Woking

The Brief

The property is placed in a beautiful enclave in Woking, the heart of Surrey. Some of our projects start from the construction stage and we are also responsible for the build and the architectural design. This property however had been modernized prior to our arrival and the client requested help with furniture, fittings and finishings to give it a modern and earthy feel with a touch of glam and luxury.

Planning Process

Even though the beautiful building had been renovated prior to our arrival, during the early stages we agreed with the client to add some interior architectural features to add personality and character to the space. The introduction of a fireplace to the formal area made the space feel much cosier.

How it went

Tailored Living Interiors worked really closely with the client from the initial brief to the final styling process to ensure the final result fulfilled the client’s expectations.

Issues / Problems overcome During The Project

The initial open space was very long. The kitchen, living and dining spaces were just aligned by a sequence of furniture without any distinction. Tailored Living Interiors divided the room into different areas using bespoke furniture, rugs and lighting. As a result, the space feels visually enhanced with cosier and more interesting spaces, losing that feeling of a long and narrow space. Tailored Living also retrofitted some magnificent sliding doors to divide the formal and informal areas. This allowed us to switch the style and create a better transition from the most relaxed feel in the family area to a more sophisticated one in the formal room.

Client Testimonial

“The TL team was very thorough during the full design process. I really liked how they took their time to ensure that I will be happy with the final design. Everything was designed to my exact specifications and preferences. I am absolutely delighted with the end result”