Harmonising colour scheme

Harmonising colour scheme

At Tailored Living, we pride ourselves on the time and care put into creating colour schemes for our projects. We carefully consider how colours will continuously flow from one space into another, creating end results that seamlessly glide into different accent colours.

Here, we proudly show a colour scheme that demonstrates how we use complementing colour palettes to harmonise schemes in order to create an annexe that has a calm and balanced aesthetic in the bedroom, living area and bathroom.

Earlier in the year, we expressed our love for all things Pink! Pink was a predominant colour on the red carpet back in February and is set to be a strong trend, so we were very pleased that we chose to use a blush shade in this bedroom to create a room with a serene, feminine feel. Using a smooth blush velvet for the furniture upholstery added a luxurious feel to the soft colour palette.

To complement the pink tones in the bedroom, a pastel green has been used as the accent colour in the adjoining living area; pink and green are often paired in colour schemes and isn’t a colour combination to shy away from. The mint shade is highlighted in the cushion details.

The pink undertone wasn’t forgotten when selecting tiles for the ensuite bathroom – the stunning 3D tile used in the end result showcases the stone colour used on the sofa upholstery. Even when considering neutrals, it is important to choose shades with the same undertone, as the wrong shade can throw off an entire scheme.
Harmonising colour schemes is an aspect that should be considered throughout a project and we like to think about how you’ll feel stepping from one space to another, from the use of complimenting wallpapers and wood finishes to metal and artwork details.