Gallery Walls at TL

Gallery Walls at TL

Here at TL Gallery walls are an important aspect when dealing with decoration and final touches.

A Gallery wall can completely change the perception of a space, introducing new eye-catching elements to define enrich and close a perfect interior design scheme.

Introducing a gallery wall on a corridor would be a good opportunity to guide the visitor from one space to another, as well as bringing attention to a specific part of the room.

It can be also used to complement a function of a specific area based on the use of it.

It?s really easy to find inspiration from already made gallery walls online. But how do you make a new, original and perfect one that fits your requirements? This task may look a bit tricky so let?s try to clarify some aspect on how to achieve the most striking results using the following easy steps.




First of all choose your topic correctly and define the guidelines – what would you like to display? Is it a fun gallery wall or do you want to recall memories?

Choosing black and white picture will help convey a more elegant feel. On the other hand, employing colorful images is a perfect way to enhance the accent color of the room or break some boring corridor (typical in Victorian houses).

In our Barnes project we listened carefully to our client.

He is a music lover and for his cinema room we choose music-related content where we had a chance to display great artists. On this occasion, we used the gallery wall with oversize pictures to frame a billiard table next to a stunning open bar cabinet: a great combination for really enjoyable moments with guests.


Selecting the right frames is an important key element.

Combining different texture and finishes on a black and white gallery wall is the right way to bring the volume up and showcase important pictures. Playing with 2 to 4 frames and repeating them in different dimensions is a cool way to differentiate without overdoing it. But if you are a bit more eclectic, why not use a different frame for each picture?

In our Dulwich project, our client gave us a selection of family pictures that we fine-tuned in order for them to work together. We achieved this by adjusting tones, contrast, and hint so that the flow from one picture to another would be easier only the eye. By matching 3 different frames together, we made the overall look really special.

On colourful gallery walls we always try to select quieter frame to bring the attention to the colours of the picture instead.

We recently completed an interior design project in a penthouse where we arranged the upper floor corridor with marine inspired images. We employed white frames and mat canvas to relax and prepare the eyes for? the varied colour palettes in the different rooms.

Choosing the right colour passpartout and dimension is also really important to balance the composition. You can use same size picture but different passpartout to make one picture more important than the others. You can also choose to break the rhythm and make the composition more interesting.


Planning the space in advance will help not to make mistakes before the hammering starts. It?s also worth considering that the negative space (gaps between the pictures) has the same if not more importance than the frames themselves.

Feel free to play with orientation (Portrait and Landscape) and vary the dimension using not only bigger pictures but also introducing passpartout to highlight some pictures.There are no written rules to follow but try to keep the main pictures aligned to eye level height. The space between the picture gives to the frames the space required to fit and be balanced in the composition.

We usually draw a curve line or a spiral that connects the main pictures. The remaining space could be filled with a smaller composition inside that will live perfectly inside a bigger main one (a tryptic for instance).

We Believe that the key of a successful gallery wall lies within good planning. if you have a clear idea of the result you want to achieve and you think carefully before making choices it will be definitely worth it!

Good luck!