Interior Design in Fulham, London

Fulham Residential Interior Design Project

The Brief
Filmers Mews is a gated and cobble cul-de-sac off Filmer Road. The 9 units are situated in the very desirable Muster Village area of Fulham, in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The original purpose of the Mews was to provide stable/coach house accommodation for the main houses on the surrounding streets. Nowadays the properties have been transformed for residential purposes. There was a strong desire from both the architect and developer to keep the feel and retain some of the original features.

Tailored Living Interiors had previously worked with Faris Associates who had been appointed as the architectural practice for the development of Filmer Mews. As a result of this we arrived to the project with a strong recommendation. The developer – Poseidon Group- was looking for something different in terms of style. Ideally a modern feel merges with some of the existing features in the development. They had some initial concept. However, they felt that it was not quite in line with the high value residential flats and houses within the surrounding area. Tailored Living Interiors presented an urban chic theme and mood board that fused heritage, character and personality of the mews with modern design. The concept was approved prior to the first meeting.

Planning Process
Each unit is unique and different to the another. Therefore rather than just applying the design of the showroom to each unit, the nine of them have the same level of careful planning, attention to detail, finishes and material selection. We have adapted the interior design to the internal architecture and configurations of the building. It’s always great working with materials of great quality to create luxurious interiors. We selected concrete floors, grey and gritty textures to represent the essence of city life. All the kitchens have a mixture of wood textures to add warmth and a charcoal lacquer that blends to perfection with the crittal doors.

How It Went
It has been great working with Faris Associates and The Poseidon Group. The decision making process was really great. This in turn helped to ensure that the design process advanced at the desired pace, allowing for a timely completion. They already had in place a reasonable budget to source the luxurious materials that allowed us to design luxury homes. From our perspective, the budget was managed very efficiently with no overspending.

Issues / Problems Overcome During The Project?
Unit 1 is just by the entrance to the Mews, this made it the perfect location for the show house bedside being the most difficult unit to plan. The unit is situated in a corner and the architecture follows the narrower corner inside the building. At first, it was a bit daunting and some areas took a little bit longer than usual to plan. In the kitchen, we made a feature out of the corner by “bespoking” the island to follow the shape of the room. In the bedroom a carefully located rocking chair makes a special corner, in the master bathroom en-suite, the corner made a perfect space for a shelf. Once the interior design process was completed, instead of having awkward corners, we have ended up with quirky areas that add character and personality to the space. Everyone involved that followed the interior design process knew that the units would look great. It became a great pleasant surprise to them all how the biggest areas of concerns became the greatest assets! The architect loves the space, the developer is over the moon with the result and the estate agents are delighted to start showings.

Client Testimonial
The Tailored Living team has produced something truly outstanding at Filmer Mews, Fulham. All of the nine units have a wonderful feel and look to them. They have been amazing at providing mood boards and choosing finishes that have resulted in a final look that reflect the agreed specifications from the design stage. Their project delivery time and budget management has been superb. I would not hesitate to recommend or indeed work with them again. Thank you team TL.