Interior Design in Farnham, Surrey

The Brief

Full turn-key interior design services for a stunning 7 bedroom country house located in Farnham, West Surrey. A relatively newly built modern home in need of an upgrade from standard developer finishes to a luxury private residence. Our client acquired the new property in January and they required a full refurbishment. The project not only required aesthetically appealing changes but also structural ones, including a lift installation. 

Every interior designer’s dream is to work on a project with a wide brief – this became a reality with this project. Our client’s only expectation was for the space to have a warm, luxurious and comfortable feel and show their personalities. They trusted our expertise and professional knowledge to do the rest. 


Planning Process

The first step we took towards creating this luxurious home was to plan the furniture layout around the architecture of each room. This is an essential element in all our projects to ensure a good spatial flow. We do have an amazing book of contacts within the interior design market, however, sometimes the perfect piece of furniture in the right size and shape to fit within our spatial analysis is not available. As a result, we very often design our own furniture and upholstery and produce them working closely with a team of trusted and skilled craftsmen. Look out for the rich and innovative bespoke cabinetry and luxurious bar in the formal dining room, entrance hall, family room, cinema room and office. Don’t miss out either on the unique bespoke headboards where we have used the finest finishes and materials.


How it went

Not having a tight brief means that we didn’t have parameters to inform us about our client preferences. The brief informs many decisions that we make before we meet our client with a proposal. No more wonderful than the thought of a no brief interior design project sounds, it certainly makes for a nerve-racking first meeting. Luckily though ours was a success. The tailored style we had created for our client was a hit and the design process went really smoothly from there on to become a show-stopping interior.


Issues / Problems overcome During The Project

The timeline was very tight and therefore project management was of paramount importance. The house was bought in January and the client had to move in by May. This means that we had to complete the design process within record time and had to have people on-site working around the clock.


Client Testimonial

We loved working with Tailored Living Interiors! 
They completed our project in record time and were always at hand to discuss progress. I have worked with 8 different interior design companies around the world and Tailored Living offered us the most comprehensive and hands-on service. I will definitely use them again for future projects.