Interior Design in Chiswick, London

The Brief
A wonderful period property full of character situated in a pretty tree lined street. The client, a very discerning couple, both busy doctors running a very hectic schedule. They were both cognisant of the time and effort required to put an interior scheme together. They had a very tight deadline as they wanted to have to have fully designed entrance hall and living room fully implemented before a family event. From our very first contact they showed a clear preference for a classic contemporary style with clean lines. During the brief process a strong preference for a neutral very elegant and sophisticated interiors with a splash of colour become very clear to us.

Planning Process
The current entrance hall, had a separate small bedroom to the left. This room was incorporated into the main entrance, setting the right mood for a large family home. The space offered many possibilities to make the perfect statement. Therefore 5 different layout sketches were offered in our first client presentation. They all fitted our client’s practical requirements. One was selected, and we continued to develop it further choosing very elegant and sophisticated fabrics to reinforce the desired feeling. The chairs were piped in contrasting fabric to further enhance that luxurious feeling. The architecture of the living room was very striking but at the same time limiting thereby restricting it to one layout option only. Nevertheless, we made that option more
interesting by offering a large selection of furniture and fittings.

How it went
The clients are so happy with their work that they have since become great friends. Not only that but they have recommended us for other projects of friends of theirs. Not just another happy client! A delightful couple to work for with a great sense of style.

Any issues/problems you had to overcome during the project
The deadlines we operated within were very tight. As we were ordering furniture from England and France, the logistics of getting the right fabrics to their correspondent furniture makers within the required timelines was quite challenging. Nevertheless, with precise planning everything fell into place and our client had a fantastic family gathering on their scheduled day. The newly appointed rooms have been widely praised and complemented by both family and friends.

Client Testimonial
I approached Tailored Living Interiors following a friend’s referral. My experience has been nothing short of exceptional. TL went to great lengths to understand out styles and tastes and ultimately translated these into a very stylish and elegant scheme that we could not have been happier with. Friend and family who have visited us since the makeover have been greatly impressed with he results! We will not hesitate recommending TL’s work. They produced a wonderful scheme within a very tight deadline. Thank you