Interior Design in Barnes, London

The Brief
This large property in Barnes had been just renovated and extended before our client bought it. An amazing and very elegant and sophisticated basement extension with really high ceilings had been added to the property, in addition to a double storey rear extensions and a dormer alteration. The developers interior designers had already furnished the house and prepped it for the sale. However, the style did not reflect the required luxury for an elegant home of this size and type. More importantly, it didn’t reflect our clients life style and preferences.

Planning Process
The property layout was working perfectly. No interior architectural design was required for this project in Barnes. The main focus during this part of the design process was to create a nice flow within the house, and internally within each of the rooms. Working closely with our client different functions were allocated to the rooms. For instance, a large room in the basement was very clearly marked out as the cinema room from the outset. Other rooms within the home required a little bit more time to find a perfect function for.

How It Went
Since the first meeting in Barnes to discuss the interior design services that Tailored Living Interiors provided, we develop a wonderful relationship with the client. It transpired that we all share a predisposition towards finer details, and have somewhat of a perfectionist side to our personalities – its really important for interior designers to be able to engage fully with their clients, and to fully understand them. As a result, we all took to each others like ducks to water and the interior design project was plain sailing, and moved along at an impressive pace for a project of this size.

Issues / Problems Overcome During The Project?
Sadly, it is quite common in our industry that sometimes the wrong items get delivered or items arrived damaged whilst in transit. Fortunately we have a trusted team of suppliers, decorators, furniture makers and metal workers so whenever a small glitch arose it was swiftly rectified by the relevant party. As an interior designer, I feel quite fortunate to be surrounded by great teams.

Client Testimonial
The team at Tailored Living Interiors listened attentively to our requirements and gave us plenty of choices during the furniture and colour selection process. They provided great visuals and detailed presentations. The team was very attentive and always replied promptly and efficiently to any queries we may have had. I would not hesitate in the slightest in recommending Tailored Living Interior Design Services for friends and family projects.


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